“From her service for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Princeton Committee, I know Jenny to be a hard worker, an effective leader, and a person who will strive to maintain Princeton as a diverse and affordable community.”
Nannette Gibson

“I am supporting Jenny for re-election to Town Council because she has done a good job and has more to do.  She never fails to do her research or to ask thoughtful questions. Her personal values and ability to listen have made her an effective advocate for Princeton’s diversity and affordability.  She is a supporter of the arts and the beauty and livability of our community. She embodies the highest ideals of selfless public service.”
Anne Reeves

“As the founder of the former Borough’s citizen finance committee, Jenny understands the importance of collaborating with residents to find ways to reduce taxes.  For decades, Borough taxes had gone up every year until Jenny was elected. She continues to make the affordability of government a priority.”
Walter and Mary Bliss

“Month in and month out, the Planning Board is ground zero for some of the most contentious issues facing our community – Town/Gown relationships, gentrification, socio-economic diversity and affordable housing, open space preservation, and balancing economic vitality with the desire to preserve our beloved town. Jenny Crumiller, Council’s representative to the Planning Board, is subtle in her grasp of these issues, fair-minded to a fault, and fearless in speaking her mind. I can’t think of anyone I would rather share the dais with.”
David E. Cohen,  Planning Board Member

“I support Jenny for re-election to Town Council because she has all the right values. She was an early supporter of the Witherspoon-Jackson Historic District, which not only preserves the physical history of African-Americans, Irish and Italians in Princeton, but will enable people of moderate income to live close to the center of town. Jenny also has supported an earned sick days ordinance. This will free low-wage workers from having to choose between coming to work sick or losing sorely needed income.”
John Heilner

“Whatever the endeavor, Jenny provides a breath of fresh air and an open mind. Not one to take the status quo as a given, Jenny is always asking, how can we do things better? And how can we get more people involved and included? This has been true whether it involved creating an anti-war TV ad, efforts to open up and democratize the local Democratic Party, running the PCDO Presidential campaign headquarters, or, more recently, serving on Council. And while Jenny has already accomplished a lot, it’s clear to me that she’s just getting started!”
Dan Preston

“Jenny is concerned about our lowest-income and most vulnerable residents. She brought together advocates and non-profits to work with the town’s affordable housing program to create a group home for developmentally disabled residents.”
Scotia MacRae

“As a Council colleague, I count on Jenny’s tenacity, courage, and advocacy for the issues about which she cares deeply. As someone who got her political start as a neighborhood advocate, Jenny is committed to transparency and a level playing field for all. Thanks to Jenny, the Planning and Zoning Board meetings are now televised.  She also advocated for monthly police reports in the consolidated town, including statistics on race, ethnicity, and gender.  Jenny is a smart, knowledgeable, devoted representative of the residents of Princeton, and a valuable Council colleague.”
Jo Butler, Princeton Council

We first met Jenny when, as citizens, we asked for her help.  She was welcoming and concerned.  She listened.  She cut through the bureaucracy and got results.  We admire Jenny especially for her support of our youth and the respect she has for them.”
Fern and Larry Spruill

“Jenny has been at the forefront of the effort to preserve neighborhoods. She helped to pass several ordinances to place limits on houses that replace teardowns. Initially she alone voted against AvalonBay’s request for more units, before she was eventually joined by the other Council members. We can count on Jenny to listen to all residents and to consider everyone’s views.”
Peter Lindenfeld and Mary Clurman

“Jenny is a Councilmember who listens to individual residents and their concerns.  When I had questions about developments in my neighborhood, friends and neighbors told me to contact Jenny – they said she would listen.  Upon meeting her for the first time, I found her to be sympathetic and willing to take the time to help.  She has the experience to understand the issues and provide practical advice.  She has become one of my go-to council members when I have an issue to raise.”
Bill Hare