Biographical Information

Princeton resident since 1991

Education: B.A. Rutgers, English, Phi Beta Kappa

Family: Husband: Jon Crumiller, Co-founder of Princeton Consultants, Inc. Children: Daughter Susan, a pregnancy and parental rights attorney in New York city, her husband Arastu, also an attorney (AUSA Second Circuit), their two daughters Zohra and Sadia; Marshall, a research scientist; Evan, an election specialist with Mercer County; all Princeton High School graduates. While we’re now empty-nesters, we also have two cats.

Relevant Experience

Princeton Council 2013 to present.
Planning Board, Public Transit Committee, Traffic and Transportation Committee, IT Committee, Sewer Operating Committee, Neighborhood Planning Committee, Public Works Committee.

Former Borough Council 2009-2012
Founded the Borough citizen finance committee; first time in decades with a zero tax increase; taxes did not increase until 2012 when the consolidated government increased them by about 1%. Member of Planning Board since 2011. As member of the Shade Tree Commission, created their website, worked on a strong ordinance for the new municipality that preserves trees on both public and private property. Helped create database for tracking tree plantings and coordinating tree maintenance.

President, Princeton Community Democratic Organization 2006-2009
Election was first competitive leadership election in the PCDO’s 40-year history. The PCDO is now known as the largest and most active Democratic club in the state. Co-chaired the PCDO’s 2008 Democratic headquarters with Mayor Liz Lempert. Supported numerous candidates for local and state office.

1991-2006 School and church volunteer, Rutgers University Student, neighborhood organizer for the neighborhood surrounding the former hospital. Volunteered for Bill Bradley campaign in 2001. Created 2004 Democratic Headquarters with Mayor Marvin Reed;

2002-2003 Created the Anti-War Video Fund with Dan Preston and others to raise money for a commercial (filmed in Princeton) arguing that we should not go to war with Iraq. Ad received national publicity after it was pulled by Comcast for being controversial, including discussion on the Bill Moyers show.

2002-2015 Member, Chair and Vice Chair of the Princeton Committee of the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund. The Princeton Committee was formed in the 1960s to raise funds and awaremeness of the LDF’s legal and legislative work to combat race discrimination in fields ranging from education to voting rights. In 2015, the Princeton Committee disbanded since new technologies had created more efficient ways of raising funds.